The 3 R’s – Recharge: Air Conditioning

Recharge Air conditioning every 2-3 years

Recharge: Air Conditioning

Many drivers think that summer is the time to check their air conditioning system is operating well, but given the way the weather has been in recent years some people may have forgotten to get it checked. Like all things on a car, regular checks will make sure that it the air conditioning is working at an optimum level when needed most. It is advised that the system is recharged about every 2-3 years to keep it operating correctly. This is because the gas escapes from the system over time.

The rate of loss can increase by not using the air conditioning due to the seals in the system shrinking leading to a drop in pressure which could result in a loss of efficiency. While this drop in efficiency may go unnoticed during a typical British summer, once the cold and damp weather arrives, drivers will notice that de-misting is taking longer. So again this is where the recommendation given by the workshop to the customer is important, as air conditioning checks are not part of most services.

Air conditioning systems, like cabin filters, can offer workshops a great additional revenue stream, but to do the job properly requires investment in training and equipment. With the introduction of laws regarding the handling of F-gases, such as R134a and the new R1234yf, it may seem daunting to start offering this service. However Mill Autoquip can provide access to the training you need to be fully qualified and legal when it comes to recharging these systems.

Moreover, we can supply you with air conditioning service stations from leading brands like Bosch and TEXA. In fact TEXA is one of the very few companies in the world that offers an air conditioning service station able to work with the older R134a gas and the new R1234yf gas at the same time. And on top this we can supply you with rent free Nitrogen gas for testing, as well as a comprehensive range of consumable items and accessories.

For more information on the range of air conditioning equipment available from Mill Autoquip call John Vincent today on 07841 880404

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