The 3 R’s – Refresh: Air Con Cleaner

Refresh with an air con cleaner every 6 months

Refresh: Air Con Cleaner

Comma’s Air Con Cleaner ties in nicely with the cabin filter and air conditioning on a car and can make big difference to your driving experience. Refreshing the air vents with an air con cleaner is especially useful in taxis, minibuses and other public service vehicles. These aerosols can help effectively eliminate bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses from the air conditioning system, which cause unpleasant odours and other allergic reactions. During the winter months the damp and warm conditions inside a car could be a perfect breeding ground for these ‘little nasties’.

An air con cleaner can eliminate those elements as well as deodorising the upholstery and carpets to give back that new car smell. With the aerosol’s simple to use lock and leave system you will have time to make a brew. To carry out the refreshing of a car with one of these aerosols normally takes around 10 minutes and you should notice a difference when you get back inside the car. Quick and easy, professional results in less time than it takes to clean the rest of the car (probably). 

This simple but effective air con cleaner treatment can be used on all air conditioning systems. By using a car’s recirculated air system the air con cleaner moves throughout the inside of your car tackling odour, whilst leaving a pleasant smell behind.  A single treatment is enough to tackle most stale odours and provide months of freshness.

Combined with the other R’s ‘Replace’ and ‘Recharge’, ‘Refresh’ can help restore and rejuvenate your car’s air conditioning. This should improve your comfort and the quality of the air while driving, making the experience more enjoyable. And while the other R’s might not deliver the near instant results of ‘Refresh’, they will all benefit you in the long run. Unfortunately the air conditioning system of a car is often overlooked during routine services, so give it some attention today and experience the difference make these 3 R’s can make.   

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