The 3 R’s – Replace: Cabin Filters

Replace cabin filters every 12 months

Replace: Cabin Filters

The cabin filter is important as it maintains the air circulation inside a car, which can affect the function of the heater and air conditioning. The checking and regular replacement of the cabin filter is an essential maintenance step for workshops. While most workshops will focus on the “Usual Suspects” during a service, some will overlook checking the condition of the cabin filter and the air conditioning system. Not only is this a loss for the workshop, it could also be a source of discomfort for those travelling in the car.

This is where the advice given by the workshop to the customer can play an important part. Although more drivers are aware that cabin filters are able to protect against pollen, dust, and in the case of activated charcoal cabin filters, also against some toxins and odours, many of them are unaware that they can also prove invaluable during the cold, damp months. The volume of external air that is passing through the cabin filter can be up to 150 litres every second, therefore a heavily soiled cabin filter could reduce quality of the air circulation, which is vital in the quick de-misting of windows.

Most drivers when confronted with misted-up windows would turn up the heater and put on the air conditioning (as this helps removes moisture from the air), to speed up getting a clear view. An unsoiled cabin filter also supplies the heater and air conditioning system with clean air, which can help enhance their performance and service life. By advising the replacement of the cabin filter workshops not only provide comfort and safety for the winter months, but also into spring and summer as well.

Remember cabin filters have a finite life and should be change regularly to make sure you have optimum protection and performance. Over time a cabin filter gradually becomes blocked to the point of almost completely restricting the airflow into the cabin. This could result in problems including misty windows, musty smells, condensation and air conditioning malfunction. Mill Autoquip carries a comprehensive range of cabin filters and many include fitting instructions, making it even easier to replace this often overlooked service item.

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