Air Dry Car-dehumidifer at an Amazon beating price

Image showing ThoMar Air Dry Car-dehumidifer 1kg in use on dashboard of a carCondensation is always a problem for car windscreens in Winter… But we have a solution for less than £10 that could help!

In fact there are many times throughout the year when you will have excess moisture in and around your vehicle. This can cause your windows to fog up or even allow mould, mildew, mustiness and possibly rust to form. However, with the Air Dry Car-dehumidifier from Thomar you could have the ideal solution to prevent this from happening.

The Air Dry 1kg dehumidifier has been specially designed for use in vehicles to absorb the moisture from the air using the activated pellets inside the bag. A 1kg bag can absorb up to 600 grams of moisture and be effective over an area of 35m². Once the Air Dry has absorbed the moisture the dehumidifier can be reactivated by simply placing it on top of a radiator and drying it out.

Thomar is a specialist manufacturer of dehumidifier products based in Hamburg and we are able to offer the Air Dry in our branches at the Amazon beating price* of only £8.99! So pop down to your nearest branch of Mill Autoquip today and grab yourself the Air Dry Car-dehumidifer at this money saving price.

The Air Dry Car-dehumidifier

Small and light, the Air Dry dehumidifier fits easily and unobtrusively in vehicles. Whether on dashboards, in foot wells, on back seats, parcel shelves or even inside the car boot, this little product does a big job. The innovative pillow design is durable and absorbs water through a salt and clay formula packed inside. These natural storage granules are highly absorbent, locking moisture within the pillow until it is dried out.

Unlike conventional salt-dripping systems, there is no risk of spillage that can cause further damage to furnishings or the body of the car. Its non-harmful, absorbent granules means Air Dry is safe to use around children and pets. Designed specifically for use in vehicles, the discreet, grey-coloured pillow is effective for up to 3-4 months at a time. The bag consists of a felt-like fabric on the top that absorbs moisture and a coated fabric at the base, which prevents the transfer of moisture below.

*Amazon price £10.83 on 11/12/15

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