Apple Human Navigation Is Coming To Your Car!

The latest technological step forward from Apple has seen a patent application of ‘Human Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications’. The idea behind the newly approved patent is to give satellite navigation software that more human touch while veering away from the automated robotic sound and direction. The change in sound is already progressing along with less emotionless, stilted voices coming out of you device, but now directions could be given using normal landmark references and visual points instead of ‘in 200 metres turn left’ …..


An example from the patent is ‘…if the user is currently in a mall parking lot, the user can be instructed to find an exit relative to a landmark and then be provided with turn-by-turn guidance. For example, “exit the parking lot near AppleBees® restaurant and then turn right towards Golden Ave.” Another example instruction could be “head north towards the AMC® cinema.”


This Apple Human Navigation could be the next step in taking another one of those infuriating problems away from our everyday driving, or at least making things slightly easier!……

Apple Human Navigation

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