Avoid MOT Fails With Basic Car Checks

An Approved Garages member outside their AutoCare workshop

New figures show about 50% of all faults found on MOTs could be avoided by carrying out basic car maintenance checks.

Car defects contribute to accidents and are becoming a danger to public safety. Approved Garages urge drivers to keep up with the straightforward checks for their car, to make sure they are not potentially dangerous to drive.

The majority of MOT failures could be avoided by regular care, and checking things such as your headlight bulbs, tyre pressures, windscreen wipers, warning lights that appear on your dash, topping up the screen wash and so on. Carrying out these basic checks could mean the difference between driving safely or having a car that would fail its MOT and may be dangerous to have on the road.

These simple car maintenance checks should be done at regular intervals during the month and then fixed or taken care of if needs be. According to a recent report, last year nearly 1 in 5 cars taken for their MOT had problems with lighting and signalling, including simple problems such as blown bulbs. This was the top reason for MOT failures between April 2015 and March 2016 at over 18%.

Maria McCullough, Network Manager with Approved Garages

“Motorists are urged by garages to frequently check for simple maintenance checks on their cars, because it could end up causing a serious accident or cost more money during the MOT. These checks could literally take you less than ten or fifteen minutes. Things like topping up your car fluids, checking your tyres and seeing if the lights are working are things you should be checking before any long journey anyway. This is essential and motorists are encouraged to take their car to an Approved Garage if they are unsure of what they need to check for general maintenance.”

Approved Garages is an online garage finder that can give you complete peace of mind. For trustworthy repair work and car maintenance checks motorists can book their car in to an Approved Garage and find an accredited professional and qualified MOT Tester for their car maintenance checks.

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