Bosch Introduces Their ‘Drive Clever’ Accelerator Pedal

Drivers aids are finding their way into more areas of our vehicles with every new model release, but one function that hasn’t really been looked at yet is the accelerator pedal. Well, that looks to be changing now as parts supplier Bosch is introducing their haptic response ‘Drive Clever’ pedal. The basic premise is that a haptic response, or buzzing vibration, will communicate a range of information to the drier through the accelerator pedal. This could be a vibration to signify an optimum point to change gear, or letting you know when your acceleration is not timed correctly for best efficiency. Obviously this could have an impact on prospective vehicle emissions and therefore tax bands that are applied, so with this in mind we could be seeing the ‘Drive Clever’ pedal sooner rather than later.


Bosch 'Drive Clever' Pedal

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