Bosch Show Off Their Traffic Jam Assist!

New autonomous drivers aids are being researched and put into practice all the time, and on this occasion it’s the turn of Bosch to show off their ‘Traffic Jam Assist’ system. The idea is that in heavily congested areas where traffic might be extensive and very stop start, the system can take the pressure to concentrate off of you, put it on the car, and give you a bit of relaxation time. Cameras and sensors surround the vehicle and monitor any potential hazards along with road lines, then calibrate that against the speed and motion in relation to the moving vehicle. This system is only semi-automated, so it still needs the driver to be aware of what’s going on and look out for trigger indicators and alerts along the way. However, at speeds of up to 35mph the system is capable of operating the pedals along with the steering wheel to give the driver that small bit of help on a boring journey…..


Thanks to Fully Charged

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