Brake Relining

mill relining



Based adjacent to our Commercial Parts Branch on Pool Industrial Estate we have the only Ferodo gold approved reline workshop in Cornwall.

We can reline most braking parts (however we will not reline current applications available from any of our Branches).

  • Trucks
  • Articulated Trailers
  • Bus and Coaches
  • Agricultural Trailers
  • Horse Boxes
  • Tractors
  • Small Trailers
  • Marine brake bands
  • Vintage Cars (Rolls Royce to Austin 7’s )

We have even relined items as diverse as the Brake Pads on the Wind turbines that you can see from the A30, and the brakes on the Flambards “Hornet” Rollercoaster.

Our workshop can Reline using riveting only, or we can bond the material, (similar to the current way that brake shoes are made today) or in certain applications we can Bond and Rivet.


We keep a large range of Relined Brake shoes on the shelf so there is no waiting time for your fitters, (Account holders Only).

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