Car Parts: Take Advantage of Our Expert Advice

Expert advice on car parts and accessories across the South West

Buying car parts and accessories for your vehicle isn’t as straightforward as it used to be, however with the right advice you can still get the parts you need quickly and easily.

When it comes to car parts the first thing to realise is that not all cars are built the same. Lets take an extreme example of this, Volvo’s S60 2000-2009 which featured a Police specification model in its line-up. While appearing to look the same as other S60’s on the road, the Police version featured uprated and modified parts. These include steering and suspension parts, as well as brake discs and pads.  However if you own an S60 you are more than likely going know if it used to be a Police car.

The car itself may look the same, but under the skin there are different parts fitted. This is also true of normal, everyday cars. It could be that the alternator may have a different output depending on the options fitted in the factory. Or that the washer pump may be different due to a change of supplier while the car was being produced. And many people have come across French cars which can sometimes seem to have ‘mix and match’ brake systems, is it Bosch or Bendix or ATE?

These are just some of the differences that can come from the factory. Sometimes changes can be made later, parts modified to improve safety and reliability, so when you go to replace something it looks different to the one that came off. So how do you know that the car parts you need haven’t been modified? What if there was more than one supplier of brake calipers to the production line? Sometimes being faced with choices and options can be confusing, and getting the right part may feel like pot-luck.     

This is where Mill Autoquip can come in. We have teams of parts advisors in every branch, with the knowledge and skills to help you get the right car parts and accessories. They can assist and guide you through the choices and options available to ensure you get the right parts first time. These dedicated teams can be found across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Bristol and their expert advice is only a phone call away. So remember…

…if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can call…

The Mill-Team!

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