The Dartz Prombron ‘Black Shark’ Has Arrived!

Latvian vehicle manufacturer Dartz has released the latest incarnation of it’s everyday military vehicle with the Prombron ‘Black Shark’. If you’re worried about being attacked by rocket launchers and mines, have a few million to spend and enjoy standing out in a crowd then this big unit is definitely for you. The Prombron’s are based on the Mercedez-Benz GL, so a standard engine will include a 5.5 litre V8 or V12 twin-turbo engine which will be more than enough to carry the 3-4 tonne bulk around. The ‘Black Shark’ comes with B7 grade armour plating, an explosive detection system, a signal jammer and electrified door handles to keep the occupant’s mind at rest. Only five of this limited edition model have been put into production, but you can guarantee there will be a fair number of oligarchs, billionaires and super-celebrities scrabbling to get their hands on them…


Dartz Prombron

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