Draper Tools Come Highly Recommended

Draper Tools were very pleased to have not one, but two products recommended in a recent Auto Express feature on essential tools for the workshop.

The feature included some great advice on kitting out the garage or workshop ready for tackling vehicle maintenance and repairs. When it came to spanners, Auto Express recommended the Draper Expert Hi-Torq® Metric Coloured Combination Spanner set (23017), praising the set’s ease of use and handy colour coding.

These Expert quality spanners come with Hi-Torq® ring end cranked at 15° and the open end also set at 15°. Forged from chrome vanadium steel, these spanners are hardened, tempered and coloured chrome plated. Each colour represents a different size and the set is supplied with a wall mountable storage rack.

Draper Expert is the range that’s ‘Made For The Trade’ with the quality and features to meet, and exceed, the expectations of the most demanding professional user. They come with the back-up of the Draper Tools guarantee, from a company that prides itself in the quality of its products.

And for certain jobs, only a pair of pliers will do. Here Auto Express named the Draper Tools 5 Piece Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (33057) as its top choice for the workshop. The set, which is hardened and tempered with textured grips as well as captive double leaf springs, was praised for its sprung handles, end cutters and the included bent-nose versions. This set features the following pliers:

  • 105mm End Cutters
  • 110mm Diagonal Side Cutters
  • 120mm Long Nose Pliers
  • 120mm Flat Nose Pliers
  • 120mm Bent Nose Pliers

In addition to the Auto Express recommendations, Workshop Magazine recently performed a product test on a range of screwdrivers giving the Draper Tools Soft Grip Screwdriver Set (07511) their “Recommended” accolade as well.

“This is a decent set of eight drivers with a good variety of sizes that comes close to the top of our favourites here. The palm section of the handles is not the most comfortable, but there’s a neat three-way thumb moulding lower down that makes them easy to control with precision. The magnetised tips are among the strongest here, and the drivers come presented in a small, flexible rack that you could mount on a wall or other surface.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ – Workshop Magazine – February 2017

To get your hands on any of these “Recommended” Draper Tools, or anything else from their comprehensive range of tools, simply pop into your local Mill Autoquip branch today.

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