Driven To Distraction With The Chuckle Brothers & Tinchey Strider

Take a look at the new short film series offered up thanks to a collaboration between All 4 and Aviva that’s called Driven To Distraction. A series of different ‘celebrities’ drive members of the public around in a supposed new car pooling show, however what the passengers don’t know is that the vehicle is being totally controlled by an expert driver on the roof who’s operating the modified cart. In the first episode we see the world-renowned comedians, The Chuckle Brothers, get up to some serious monkeying around which seems to cause their shotgun passenger a few heart flutters. Then Rapper and TV Personality Tinchy Strider seems more intent on tweeting or taking a selfie then looking after the well being of his passenger. Take a look at, Driven to Distraction with The Chuckle Brothers and Tinchey Strider.

Credit to All 4 and Aviva for the above videos.

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