Fancy Powering Your Home With A Nissan Leaf?

There’s no doubt that electric cars are more healthy for the environment and it can only be a good thing to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, but there is still a significant downside. Our power plants that support the National Grid are already working at close to capacity, and the addition of millions of electric cars sucking out more juice is just something that isn’t a viable in the long term.

This is where Nissan and more specifically the Nissan Leaf comes into play with it’s soon to be released revolutionary two way charger, built in partnership with Italian based power company ENEL. The idea is that the Nissan Leaf owner can charge their vehicle at off peak times when the grid is less heavily used, then plug the vehicle back in and sell any excess energy back to the power company to replenish the grid. This is just another tool that is hoped will push electric car sales to the masses over the next decade…


Nissan Leaf

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