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Comma’s Manista Replaces Micro Beads

Comma has launched a new, more environmentally friendly formulation for its Manista product, an essential hand cleaner that removes oil, grease & other ingrained dirt from hands

The new Manista formula comes after studies have shown that micro beads can cause plastic particle water pollution. They also pose a potential environmental hazard for aquatic animals.

A variety of wildlife, from small fish, amphibians, birds and larger mammals, can mistake micro beads for food. The ingestion of plastics introduces the potential for toxicity not only to these animals but to other species higher in the food chain.

Over 30 years on from its launch, the formula – a firm favourite of workshop technicians across Europe – has been refined to improve its environmental credentials. Manista previously used micro beads which have been replaced by an Eco-friendly formula containing Perlite, a volcanic glass which contains 2-6% water in its inner structure.

Perlite occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. Its qualities are ideal for Manista because of its exfoliation, high absorbency and biodegradable properties.

The hand cleaner will retain the same viscosity that has been loved over the years and is not only kind to hands, but now also the environment. The new Manista natural hand cleaner is available in 700ML, 3L, 10L, 20L pack sizes.

Mike Bewsey, Sales and Marketing Director at Comma, said: “We are well aware of the fact that thousands of technicians rely on Manista; we have ensured the product performs every bit as well as it ever has done. However, we’ve brought it into the 21st century by significantly improving its environmental credentials, benefitting the users and businesses which want to be more Eco-friendly.”

Comma customers can be confident that the quality of its products is achieved by operating in a responsible and ethically considerate way. Comma also continues to place the highest priority on product quality to meet the most rigorous industry standards.