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Diagnostics is a mine field and there is a long list of choices available, but we predominantly supply Bosch and Texa as these companies supply the latest technologies, fantastic information systems, strong software development and both give very good customer tech support.

Price will always be a factor but capability has to be great otherwise we wouldn’t sell it. Big brand names are out there but we have found that the popularity is where it has been sold properly and is supplied with user training, back up and support. A conversation will soon find what level of equipment is required i.e. vehicle coverage, functionality, what information is needed and ease of use. We guarantee we’ll find something that fits all criteria. Bosch and Texa have a modular approach to do this and equipment can range from a dedicated hand held tool or an interface to work with your own pc/laptop, but both companies offer different levels of software packages to enable us to offer top level diagnostics to all our customers.

For an informal conversation or to arrange an in house no obligation demonstration give John Vincent a call on 07841 880404 (mobile call charges will apply)

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