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Servicesure Autocentre Makes Happy Drivers

Your local Servicesure Autocentre will help you achieve reliable, safer, happy motoring and peace of mind

Still looking for someone you can trust to work on your vehicle, well your local Servicesure Autocentre will help you achieve reliable, safer, happy motoring and give you peace of mind. Whilst most workshops and garages can carry out servicing and repairs to at least a reasonable standard there is still many others without even a basic standard of mechanical knowledge or lacking in skills like customer care, health and safety and good business practice.

Your choice of who works on your vehicle

Taking your car to a Servicesure Autocentre means that it is going to be serviced or repaired by qualified professionals who have trained to industry recognised standards. As such Servicesure Autocentre’s technicians have access to industry leading training courses to ensure all new technologies are covered and they are able to work on the latest vehicles without invalidating the manufacturers’ warranty. Many drivers of vehicles under manufacturers’ warranty are under the misguided impression that any servicing, maintenance or repairs must be carried out by the authorised dealer otherwise their warranty is invalidated. Many are still unaware that, since June 2010, EU competition rules which cover agreements between vehicle manufacturers and their authorised dealers, repairers and spare parts distributors, have conferred important rights which help you, the motorist.

Under the rules, car manufacturers are no longer be able to make the warranty conditional on having the car serviced, or even simple things like brake changes, done in the dealers’ workshops. The introduction of these rules means that you can shop around for the most competitive price and convenient location for servicing your car. With vehicle servicing and maintenance calculated to represent around 40% of vehicle running costs over the whole life of the car, many drivers have found that there are more competitive prices available from local, independent workshops and garages. This has helped go some way to offset the overall increase of other motoring costs such as fuel and insurance.

Help remove the stress and frustration of motoring

Did you know that 20,000 vehicles break down every day? That’s over 7 million a year!  And 1 million of those breakdowns occur on the motorway. The result is stress, frustration and considerable expense. The AA, Green Flag and the RAC all agree that one of the main causes of breakdowns is battery failure, especially during the winter months as the cold weather causes the battery’s power output to drop along with its ability to accept charge. However winter is not the only time to think about your car battery, as summer heat could do more damage than the cold temperatures.

While the real test of a battery comes when the temperature drops, the battery could have been damaged by the warmer weather but it needs more power to start a colder engine. This may lead to you trying to get a jump start or being towed to get your car fixed. A visit to your local Servicesure Autocentre before the chill comes will help you stay ahead of the game by having your battery and electrical system checked regularly and especially before making a long journey. This is just one example of how your local, independent Servicesure Autocentre how help improve your motoring life. 

About Servicesure Autocentres

The Servicesure Autocentre network was established in 2004 to build a national network of like minded top quality independent workshops and garages that meet a strict set of business practices set out in their Customer Service Charter. The Servicesure Autocentre network is supported by Mill Autoquip in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, in so much as we help facilitate some of the logistics of being part of national network of workshops and garages. The Servicesure Autocentre network demand high quality from its members to ensure your vehicle is serviced and repaired to the manufacturers’ specifications and that you are treated with respect and professionalism while receiving great value, reliability and integrity.

By choosing to take your car to a Servicesure Autocentre you will be taking advantage of one of the best Consumer Service Charters offered by a national network of repairers. Key among the promises by those working on your vehicle are to fit wherever possible Original Equipment or Matching Quality parts to your vehicle, to service and repair your vehicle safely to agreed requirements and will only proceed with additional work with your approval and to ‘guarantee’ all of the work that they carry out. In fact your local Servicesure Autocentre can offer an exclusive National Warranty Scheme that could guarantee the replacement parts that have been fitted to your vehicle, giving you the ultimate peace of mind wherever you drive in the country.

So whatever make and model of car you drive, your local, independent Servicesure Autocentre could offer you the perfect combination of time and money savings when it comes to servicing and repairing your vehicle. The journey to reliable, safer, happy motoring starts with a Servicesure Autocentre.