Smart Steering Wheel Could Prevent Drink Driving

Drink driving is a massive issue at any time, but especially when christmas and new year festivities come into play. With this in mind, there may be hope for progress with the winner of the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award 2014 for innovation, Nicole Agba and her ‘Steer Right’ system. The designed steering wheel uses a ‘Smart Fabrics Interactive Textile’ that contains monitors and sensors to detect the driver’s breathing and heart rates, along with an ability to process psychological triggers. An obvious use for this technology would be in the prevention of drink driving, where a positive blood alcohol level detection could lead to the vehicle being immobilised for that specific driver. This ‘smart fabric’ could also be a natural step for developments in self-driving cars as the vehicle could react directly to the drivers readings. Dangerous drops or fluctuations in heart rate could trigger the vehicle to slow down, take over the steering or even alert the driver through a range of alarms……


Woman Drinking

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