Summer Holiday Driving Tips

Summer Holiday Driving Tips
Summer holiday driving tips from Mill Autoquip

If there is one thing we know it’s that our typical British summer can be unpredictable, always there to keep us on our toes. And while some of us don’t mind it being like that, if the British weather wasn’t this way, life could become boring. All this means driving in the summer months presents it own challenges, where the conditions can range from dashboard melting heat to torrential rain. It doesn’t stop there either, pointless traffic jams, frustrated families and much, much more. It can be difficult to remain cool, calm and collected on the roads, so here are some quick summer holiday driving tips to making motoring a little easier this summer.

Enjoying the good weather

For most people being stuck in a hot, sweaty car with only wind down windows for ventilation is a distant memory; air conditioning is very commonplace today. But not remembering to service your air con will lead to summer motoring being a very uncomfortable experience. Ensure you get your air con checked out before you need it, there’s nothing worse than being stuck a hot car with no air con. Remember that heat levels build up to disagreeable and unpleasant levels in direct sunlight. Your car effectively becomes a greenhouse, meaning dashboards can warp while young arms and legs are at risk of being burned on hot plastics and metals. Try to park in shade whenever possible, and think about moving the car to keep it in a shady spot. Using sun shades in the front screen can be quite effective and even wiping interior surfaces down with warm water will help reduce the surface temperature. In short don’t just pile into the car as soon as you get back to it, take your time and you’ll be more comfortable on your journey.

Coping with bad weather and bugs

In winter many drivers find that their screen wash runs out quickly and as such they tend to keep it topped up as a result. With falling leaves and gritted roads as you drive around this should come as no surprise to you. Winter is also when most people notice that their wipers aren’t clearing as well and think about replacing them. With the warmer weather many people don’t even consider these things sort of things, well until that sudden downpour comes and they can’t see a thing. The other common problem is when a large insect (or two) decides to fly into your windscreen, you try to wipe it away only leave massive smears in your field of vision. Very quickly you have a dangerous situation, whether trying to clear the monsoon from your screen or hopelessly trying to remove smeared remains of an insect out of your eye line without screen wash. You may be hoping not to use your wipers and screen wash in the summer but, it is essential keep on top them because you might just need them sooner than you think.

Travelling traditions

If you are travelling anywhere on British roads during holiday season it’s more than likely that you will take part in the grand tradition known as a traffic jam. They aren’t just annoying, for some they are feared and seen as some kind of medieval torture. Traffic jams are even more of a pain for those travelling with young children, and while this has become easier with portable DVD players, smart phones and the like, it doesn’t stop the whining forever. The advice for people who get stressed is a simple don’t; try to remain calm, focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. It helps to think about the reality of the situation. Some things can’t be helped, nothing can make the vehicles around you go anywhere and it’s something that you will have to suffer through. Compile a playlist or have CD in the car that is there just to listen to in traffic jams. Download some podcasts and distract yourself from everything around you. Pack or save some food that only comes out when you are in a traffic jam. It is simple things like this that will help take the focus away from the gridlocked “car park” around you.

We can help you with most of these things, from screen wash and wiper blades to in car entertainment, we have a wide range of products to keep your motoring a stress-free as possible this summer. Simply pop into your local branch of Mill Autoquip and our friendly, helpful staff will be happy to advise to you on everything we have on offer to keep you on the road. Hopefully you will find these summer holiday driving tips useful and our knowledgable staff will have plenty more…

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