The Traffic Light Timer App Is Here!

Well, we might have slightly misled you with the headline as this traffic light timer app being released by Enlighten is currently only available in Australia, New Zealand and the US. However, you’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before this ingenius idea comes across the waters to us in the UK. The simple and amazingly effective premise of offering the driver a countdown of which traffic lights are going to change colour and when, works through a direct link into the town or city’s traffic light controller network. This information is then relayed to your phone or vehicle screen allowing you to choose your route, or simply get more accurate driving times, depending on traffic light wait periods. The app, which is produced by Connected Signals, is available as an Android or Apple download, but is ready to hit the big time as BMW are planning to tie the system directly into their vehicle infotainment screen.


Enlighten App

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