Vibrating Steering Wheel Being Developed!

While driverless cars and AI technology are slowly being introduced into more and more of our vehicles, it still looks like there’s room for the development of a good gadget. British microchip company ARM have announced that they’re working on the idea of a vibrating steering wheel that can alert drivers if they’re starting to show signs of tiredness or sleep. The same concept of using cameras that can detect movement in front of a car for braking purposes or dimensions for parking space maneuvers, can be used to monitor a driver’s eye movement. A camera set to the side of the rear view mirror would be able to monitor the eye responses, then if required, send a vibration through the steering wheel to alert the driver. Development is at early stage, but with the potential safety benefits that could be offered, let’s hope it’s just around the corner…..


Vibrating Steering Wheel

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